Friday, September 30, 2016


So, I realize that running doesn't have to mean racing.
We all choose to run for different reasons.
Loose weight
Gain confidence
Alone time
Free therapy
Challenge yourself

In order to be a "runner" all you have to do is...RUN!

I know a lot of people who run just because they enjoy it, they don't race. Personally, I love to race.

I used to look forward to big invites and all the smaller meets every week during cross country and track seasons.

Lately though, I have just done one race(5k) and I only have one on my schedule for the near future (October 16th 6,6k).

So I've started the process of looking into more races to put on my calendar. I want to challenge myself more and see what I can do. I also want to get more running skirts and come up with some very fun race day outfits!!!

I'm thinking I'm going to add a Turkey Trot 10k in November, then I'm going to see about more 5/10k's for the spring and maybe even a half! My longest race ever is a 5k so I'm excited to start trying out longer races! I'll keep you updated on what races I decide to sign up for.

What Races do you have coming up?
What is your favorite distance to race?


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