Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Honey Stinger

I had written a post about what to eat before a run. I had not found that perfect option to avoid stomach ache, to be full enough, and that tasted really good. Read it HERE

I had looked into honey stinger and decided to go ahead and get some of the waffles to see if my body would process it well and to see if it would really give me the energy I needed to get up and get going.

I went to their website and read reviews of their products and thought I would give them a try. I especially liked that they use honey to provide the energy you need instead of a whole bunch of ingredients that I can't pronounce.

They also offer a whole bunch of flavors and I decided on caramel because I would eat anything if its caramel flavored! I also found they had a sale going on them at Running Warehouse and they evened out to be about $1.00 each. Then, I found a coupon code on the retail me not app to take 10% off my online order! Score!

So, How were they?

  • Tasted great
  • Didn't bother my stomach
  • Light and easy to eat
  • I did feel like I was more energized and ready to start my run at dawn


  • At around $1.00 each they are a bit more costly then I like
  • If you are going on a particularly long run I would recommend eating something else earlier and then have the waffle on your way out the door.
  • Not easy to eat WHILE running, I did not personally try this but my friend Calley(who is one of the best and most inspiring women, be it in running or life, I have ever know) said that she prefers it before a workout and something easier like gel or chews while our on a run.

So all in all I highly recommend this product! So yummy and it is now my go to snack when I am getting ready to head out and put in a few miles!

Whats your go to pre-run fuel?
Have you ever had this product, what flavor do you like?


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