Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Run Recap 9/12-9/18

I thought I should get into the habit of posting my weekly mileage in order to track my increase in miles, to see how my speed changes, and to just stay accountable and consistent.

Rest day!

3 Mile progression run!
1 mile warm up, 5 x 100m Strides and then 1/2 mile cool down
Strides are when you start out from a rest and build up to 95% effort, then ease back down. It helps get your muscles loosened up and gets you used to switching gears! I'm hoping to do strides after 1 run each week

4 miles, this run I tried to keep to a 9:10 pace
I got to see the most beautiful sunrise over a field near my house...I should've taken a picture! So sorry, I promise I will next time!

Another rest day (remember I'm still getting back into this!)

LSD day (long slow distance) 6 miles
I got to run with my friend Megan who always help me realize I have more speed in these legs than I thought!
My phone was not letting me edit photos today! Oops
1 easy miles and lots of stretching!! Eric even helped me out by rubbing down my legs :)

Total Miles: 16

Next week I think I'm going to try for 18-20 miles

Non-running activities:
Work, Playing with the dogs, Hanging out with Eric,tutoring Spanish and Saturday all-day canning marathon

Our garden happened to produce about a million jalapenos, so we decided to cut them up and can them so we can enjoy them all year.
I have a feeling these will be good on nachos! 

We also had about 7 gallons of tomatoes that we had already pureed so we made some pasta sauce and canned it up too!
10 quarts of sauce 8 pints of peppers

Now, cooking down that much tomato puree takes HOURS so we started at noon and didn't finish up until about midnight. Phew! It's most definitely a labor of love that pays off during the cold winter months when we are able to get out a jar and enjoy our garden all over again.

How was your mileage this week?
Did you enjoy any breathtaking views on your runs?
Do you can, if so, whats your favorite recipe?


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