Thursday, September 15, 2016

What's to eat?

I've come across an issue with my training. It has to do with eating. I can't seem to figure out how to properly fuel before a run.

If I go for a run early in the morning I always have water and coffee!!
I've tried toast with peanut butter- ugh- a little too much for me.
I've tried oatmeal- ugh- felt like concrete in my stomach after a mile.
I've tried a banana- this was best for me, only downside is that I don't really like bananas enough to want to eat one before every. single. run. So, no, thanks....

I've been reading up on some other things to try before going out on a run, and I ordered what sounded the yummiest.

I think I will try this on Saturday before my Long run
I hope I can find something that tastes good, gives me enough energy to get going, and doesn't upset my stomach.

What is your go-to fuel before a run?

What type of food messes you up before a run?

Any advice on other goodies to try?



  1. Opp, that's my favorite for am runs! I had one this morning! But I can't eat that during runs FYI, only before. Good pick! Honey stinger protein bars are also Thebest tasting and most edible protein bars. They don't taste like chalk and are easy to chew post run. It's so funny, running use to be so simple for us. I don't even remember caring about water in HS let alone fueling and protein lol my favorite during run is Roctane Gu cherry line for long runs and salted GU watermelon for short runs :) Gu is great! So many flavors! Gotta try em all!

    1. Thanks girl! I'm definitely going to try it out tomorrow morning before I run! And yeah. High school we would go on super long runs with nothing. No food water cell phone or stop watch. Simpler times!!!