Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When you don't feel like it

Today I just didn't feel like running. I was tired, it was colder than usual outside, and my couch felt really comfortable at 6:30 this morning.

I even thought up a few excuses to get out of it.
I don't have running tights
It's still kindof dark outside
I worked late last night and didn't get enough sleep
I don't think these shoes are right for my supination
My coffee is too good to walk away from

etc. etc. etc.

I probably could have though of a few more, I'm pretty imaginative this way, like, my dogs looked like they were feeling abandoned, maybe I should play with them instead.

Ever have these days?

Finally I decided I would get dressed, put on my shoes and then see how I felt and if I had enough time.

Once dressed I decided that I could at least go out for 5 minutes, get the legs warm and then stretch.

I got outside and decided to run through town to a small housing development that has a few small hills but is overall a nice easy run. Then it hit me, I love running. I felt strong, I have been blessed with the ability to get up in the morning and use my arms and legs.

My mind wandered and cleared itself out and after 2 miles I had a new perspective on my day. I ran my strides 5x100m and I felt fast and excited to see my pace. I jogged home and I am so glad I got out there.

Moral of this story.

NONE of the excuses are worthwhile.
I don't have running tights   Who cares, wear sweats
It's still kindof dark outside Run somewhere with street lights
I worked late last night and didn't get enough sleep Great, running always energizes me
I don't think these shoes are right for my supination OK, take it easy and focus on form till you replace them
My coffee is too good to walk away from it'll still be there when you get back, but it'll be a reward for getting in a good run

Its so easy to come up with reasons to stay in, but it is so worth it to give yourself some reasons to go for a run.

Just tell yourself I can just do 5 minutes, if it still sucks go back home, but typically once I'm out there I realize why I love it and I keep going and get it done.

Have you ever talked yourself out of a run?
What keeps you motivated?


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