Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SO SO Excited!

Guys, I got something on Monday that I am super excited about that I've never really used before and that a lot of runners hate, but I don't care I'm PUMPED.


Drum Roll Please


It's the perfect size for in our front room, and it folds up for storage!

Nothing fancy, does the basics, found on craigslist for $ for me!

You may be thinking Sarah, why? You always run outside, why get a dreadmill?
Well, there are a few reasons.

1. I live in Pennsylvania, its already in the 30's in the morning and we will soon get the snow and ice.

2. The sun rises at 7:40 am, I work at either 8 or 9.....and at this point I do not feel comfortable running in the dark.

3. When I do any speed work outside I quickly get discouraged and give up, on a treadmill I will be able to pick a pace and know that it is right, which hopefully will lead to less discouragement.

Nothing fancy, but I love that I can bump it up for intervals, then slow back down for recovery

4. Peace of mind for my husband. This is probably the most important thing for me. He gets nervous when I go out early if he's already at work, or when it's raining, or when it's dark. Knowing I am in the locked house doing my run at 6:45 when its 33 degrees outside dark and raining, makes him less worried, and I love him for being my protector and worrying about me.

5. I can watch TV while I run! That is amazing.

So, long story short. I have used it twice now and I think I see a lot of running on it in my future as conditions will no doubt get worse. I will still try to do all my LSD runs outside, and any other time I can but I love knowing I have this option!

On another note, I signed up for my first 10k! It's on Thanksgiving morning at a local school! I have been slowly increasing my mileage and I am hoping to do a few longer long runs in preparation for this race, but I think I'll use it as a base test, see where I'm at!

Do you ever run on the treadmill?
Any races coming up?


Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/17-10/23

This week I was back at it after the Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k!

Since I only did 9 miles last week :(  I decided to not increase too too much this week but I think I did really well!

Rest Day

3 miles with a great view!
Look at that!
I think this was my last chance to wear a t-shirt and a skirt! It's getting cold now
Rest Day
I worked both jobs!

5 Miles early morning run. My legs were tired so I didn't push it.

Cross Train
I did the PiYo sweat workout
45 minutes of total body strength training using only body weight!

5.25 miles
It was in the 30's raining and windy......I think this pennsylvania winter is going to be a harsh one!

I needed a hat, gloves, and long sleeves!

Rest Day

Sydney decided to rest too...this is not common so I'm enjoying it

Total Mileage: 13.25
Hopefully by next week I'm back up in the 18-20 mile range

Oh, and I signed up for a 10k Gobbler gallop on thanksgiving day!!! Time to do some longer runs!

How was your week?
Is it getting cold where you are?


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things I really like right now

Maybe it's because I'm having a good day, I don't know but I decided to make this post all about things I'm really liking right now

Oh how I love edamame
I buy the big bag of small portion bags at SAM's Club and it's one of my favorite snacks in the evening!

Gu Chocolate Outrage
I've only had it once during my 8 mile run, but I cannot wait to have it again
It's like brownie batter and I dream of it.
I've tried these 3 so far, the chocolate is my favorite hands down

Epsom Salt Baths
After a long run, a long day at work, or after the race, to soak my legs is absolutely heavenly.
Maybe I'll do a long run, fuel with gu, then soak in an epsom salt bath and eat edamame. Sounds perfect.

Race Day
I haven't done a big race in let's see umm almost a was so cool to be surrounded by 5,500 people and to take it all in! I've only done a small race in my hometown so it felt great to be in it with so many others on race day!

The look on my face when I found Eric after the race!
Anyways, I thought I'd share some of the random things I'm really liking right now. A lot of this stuff is old news but that doesn't mean it's not great!

What are you really into right now?
Are you having a good day?


Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/10-10/16 & a Race!

This week was pretty low milage but I had a RACE! Woohoo!!!!!

Rest day

3 Miles
Felt good, getting cold out in the mornings here in PA, had to go out and buy some running tights this week! Soon enough there will be snow and I'll have to toughen up by then...
Check out the T-Shirt, 2005 District XC Champions, still fits!
Cross Train
I actually did it guys! I popped in a PiYo Upper body workout and got it done, and man, I need to do it more because it was so hard! I felt my abs and arms for the next 3 days! Remind me to ALWAYS include upper body!
I love that I don't need any equipment! 
Thursday & Friday:
Rest Days, I am currently working 2 jobs and dang if it is wearing me out! I had a rough week and I have to admit that I wrote this week off as tapering....
But I got some organizing done and I love my new canning shelves!
Sauce, Salsa, pickles, peppers, jalapenos, and tomato soup (not pictured are the potatoes we just did)
2 mile shake out run and long stretch!
Getting excited for the race!
my goal was to try and do about 20 secs slower than race pace
Race freaking day!
4.1 Miles
The Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k run! Proceeds went to the Mario Lemieux Foundation and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. It was an Interesting distance for the race, 4.1 miles and I really wanted to have fun and stay around an 8:30 pace.

I ran with my friend Megan and we were so excited! We ran the first mile in less than 8 minutes! Mile 2 went well and before we knew it we were high fiving Mario Lemieux Himself!
At the starting line with 5.500 other crazy people

I ended up sticking to an 8:22 pace and my end time was 34:18! Out of 401 women in my age group(25-29) I placed 31st! My girl Megan placed 6 out of 61 in her age group! She was a sprinter in high school and just started doing distance running a couple of months ago and I am so PROUD of her! She is a rock-star!
Finish! My headband matches that girl's shorts! 

Overall the 6.6k was a really fun course going over 2 bridges and through 1 tunnel in the great city of Pittsburgh PA. Starting and ending at the PPG Paints arena! I think I could've done a little better but I was too busy having fun and taking in the views. The medals are so cool, too, and we got long sleeve tech shirts!
My husband, Eric, was a champ. He got up early, drove us there and back, took us to starbucks after,  and took pictures! I love him, He may be the world's best husband, for real!

I'll post more in a race recap this week!
For now I'm just hanging out watching The Simpsons and drinking some wine, ahhhh!

Weekly Mileage: Only 9! But that's ok! I cross trained AND raced!

How was your week?
Did you race?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's the big deal about cross training? Advice needed!

As I have been back into running I have more or less, just been running....shocking.

I have created a goal for my weekly mileage and figured out how to break it into 4-5 days. I think I've been doing really well with it too. I've had a track workout, a fartlek, a few progression runs, and I've tried to end a lot of my runs with a faster last mile. But as I look over training plans and other runners weekly recaps I've come to realize I am missing a big part of my training.....Cross training!

So, what is cross-training?

From what I've gathered it can be any other type of aerobic physical activity done for 45-60 minutes done on a day when you aren't running.

Most people I follow go biking or lift weights, I saw that one does yoga.

Runners World says its important because it helps with active recovery, prevents injuries(giving some muscles a break while strengthening others), and rejuvenation.

Sounds like all runners should be doing this huh?

So, I need to figure out the best option I can add to my weekly schedule to get some cross-training in!

I could ride my bike, I don't own a bike....

I could go swimming, there is no pool around me and I don't really love swimming....
no, thanks

Yoga sounds like the best option for me, although there are no classes nearby, I own the PiYo dvds and I love all the workouts. They focus on strength training without weights or equipment.
yes! please!

Now, I need to change one of my rest days into active recovery/ cross training and dust off my PiYo dvds and get ready to change it up! But, I don't want to get tired of it so I need help with more ideas! what do you do different? Do you lift weights?

How do you cross train?
Please give me any advice you have on active recovery options?


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/3-10/9

This week was crazy busy for me and I thought I may not be able to get in the miles I wanted to, but with the help of my alarm clock I got up and got it done!

Rest day, I did however play volleyball with my church league!

3 Miles through town, turkey's eyed me up again and one even flew to catch up to me. For some reason I am terrified of them now....maybe I should see someone about this phobia...
Another Rest day, worked a double 9-9.

4 Miles, I felt strong and got it done. 

Rest day, another double 9-9. But, I was dog sitting for my best friend Calley's parents and the have 9 labs, yes NINE, they are breeders....this is my dream job. I got so many puppy kisses I almost fainted.
How cute are they!?
8 miles. 8 wonderful, beautiful, strong, happy miles.
This is the longest distance I've run in close to a decade! It felt great! I brought along a chocolate gu(loved it, review soon), and there were water fountains along my route. I kept a great pace and it didn't feel too hard. I also decided to push myself and run my last mile the fastest in preparation for my race next week. Success, If you ever feel nervous about running a new distance, just do it! I felt so strong and confident afterwards!

I haven't mastered the running selfie

3 miles. I needed them, I found out some very sad news and the old me would have curled up and taken a 3 hour nap after crying and eating gummy worms....but today I needed to run. I needed to hear my feet hitting the ground. I needed my mind to clear, and that's what happened. I prayed that whole run and came home myself again. Funny how that works, huh?
What I realize I'm lacking in this week was a speed workout and what I'm missing every week, cross-training. I should do that....

Mileage: 18 !!!!!!!!!! Yes!

My race is a week from today and I set 2 goals, 1. each mile under 8:30 2. if 1 isn't happening, just have fun and finish with a smile!

How was your week?
Do you cross-train?
Are you also afraid of turkey's? Am I the only one?


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekly Recap 9/26-10/2

Sorry the recap is a little late this week, but I'm excited to say I increased my mileage!!!!

Rest Day!

3 Miles and I kept my pace under 9 min/mile!

2.5 miles
I did not feel like running, but I got my butt out the door did 2 miles and then did 5x 100m strides. It felt nice to end a run and work on my speed and actively stretch out my legs a bit!

2.8 miles
Now this day was an interesting one. A family a few blocks away has chickens and turkeys and their 3 turkeys CHASED me!! Now, that sped me up! But, I like when my day starts out weird, it makes me feel excited to see what will happen next!
My running coaches!

Rest Day

LSD 6.3 miles
I kept the pace under 10 min/mile and did a new route, which I didn't realize was uphill the whole way back..... I tried to keep a positive attitude about it, and only complained out loud to myself about 250 times. I'd say that's a success...

Recovery Run of 2.5 miles
Slow, slow, slow and wonderful 
When I got back I put on my compression socks, stretched out for a long time, then I enjoyed soaking in an Epsom salt bath. My legs have never felt better than when I went to bed Sunday night after pampering them all day!

Total Mileage:
17.1! Not a huge increase but still! AND i ran 5x this week!

I'm excited that the Mario Lemieux 6.6k is so quickly approaching!

How was your week?
How do you treat yo self after a great week?