Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/10-10/16 & a Race!

This week was pretty low milage but I had a RACE! Woohoo!!!!!

Rest day

3 Miles
Felt good, getting cold out in the mornings here in PA, had to go out and buy some running tights this week! Soon enough there will be snow and I'll have to toughen up by then...
Check out the T-Shirt, 2005 District XC Champions, still fits!
Cross Train
I actually did it guys! I popped in a PiYo Upper body workout and got it done, and man, I need to do it more because it was so hard! I felt my abs and arms for the next 3 days! Remind me to ALWAYS include upper body!
I love that I don't need any equipment! 
Thursday & Friday:
Rest Days, I am currently working 2 jobs and dang if it is wearing me out! I had a rough week and I have to admit that I wrote this week off as tapering....
But I got some organizing done and I love my new canning shelves!
Sauce, Salsa, pickles, peppers, jalapenos, and tomato soup (not pictured are the potatoes we just did)
2 mile shake out run and long stretch!
Getting excited for the race!
my goal was to try and do about 20 secs slower than race pace
Race freaking day!
4.1 Miles
The Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k run! Proceeds went to the Mario Lemieux Foundation and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. It was an Interesting distance for the race, 4.1 miles and I really wanted to have fun and stay around an 8:30 pace.

I ran with my friend Megan and we were so excited! We ran the first mile in less than 8 minutes! Mile 2 went well and before we knew it we were high fiving Mario Lemieux Himself!
At the starting line with 5.500 other crazy people

I ended up sticking to an 8:22 pace and my end time was 34:18! Out of 401 women in my age group(25-29) I placed 31st! My girl Megan placed 6 out of 61 in her age group! She was a sprinter in high school and just started doing distance running a couple of months ago and I am so PROUD of her! She is a rock-star!
Finish! My headband matches that girl's shorts! 

Overall the 6.6k was a really fun course going over 2 bridges and through 1 tunnel in the great city of Pittsburgh PA. Starting and ending at the PPG Paints arena! I think I could've done a little better but I was too busy having fun and taking in the views. The medals are so cool, too, and we got long sleeve tech shirts!
My husband, Eric, was a champ. He got up early, drove us there and back, took us to starbucks after,  and took pictures! I love him, He may be the world's best husband, for real!

I'll post more in a race recap this week!
For now I'm just hanging out watching The Simpsons and drinking some wine, ahhhh!

Weekly Mileage: Only 9! But that's ok! I cross trained AND raced!

How was your week?
Did you race?

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