Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/3-10/9

This week was crazy busy for me and I thought I may not be able to get in the miles I wanted to, but with the help of my alarm clock I got up and got it done!

Rest day, I did however play volleyball with my church league!

3 Miles through town, turkey's eyed me up again and one even flew to catch up to me. For some reason I am terrified of them now....maybe I should see someone about this phobia...
Another Rest day, worked a double 9-9.

4 Miles, I felt strong and got it done. 

Rest day, another double 9-9. But, I was dog sitting for my best friend Calley's parents and the have 9 labs, yes NINE, they are breeders....this is my dream job. I got so many puppy kisses I almost fainted.
How cute are they!?
8 miles. 8 wonderful, beautiful, strong, happy miles.
This is the longest distance I've run in close to a decade! It felt great! I brought along a chocolate gu(loved it, review soon), and there were water fountains along my route. I kept a great pace and it didn't feel too hard. I also decided to push myself and run my last mile the fastest in preparation for my race next week. Success, If you ever feel nervous about running a new distance, just do it! I felt so strong and confident afterwards!

I haven't mastered the running selfie

3 miles. I needed them, I found out some very sad news and the old me would have curled up and taken a 3 hour nap after crying and eating gummy worms....but today I needed to run. I needed to hear my feet hitting the ground. I needed my mind to clear, and that's what happened. I prayed that whole run and came home myself again. Funny how that works, huh?
What I realize I'm lacking in this week was a speed workout and what I'm missing every week, cross-training. I should do that....

Mileage: 18 !!!!!!!!!! Yes!

My race is a week from today and I set 2 goals, 1. each mile under 8:30 2. if 1 isn't happening, just have fun and finish with a smile!

How was your week?
Do you cross-train?
Are you also afraid of turkey's? Am I the only one?



  1. You are not too wrong to be nervous about the turkeys. They are not the domesticated kind that are bred for meat. Wild turkeys are clever, territorial game birds. Ben Franklin thought enough of them to suggest they should be the national bird instead of the bald eagle.

    1. But it was domestic turkeys! They are someone's pets! AHH!