Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's the big deal about cross training? Advice needed!

As I have been back into running I have more or less, just been running....shocking.

I have created a goal for my weekly mileage and figured out how to break it into 4-5 days. I think I've been doing really well with it too. I've had a track workout, a fartlek, a few progression runs, and I've tried to end a lot of my runs with a faster last mile. But as I look over training plans and other runners weekly recaps I've come to realize I am missing a big part of my training.....Cross training!

So, what is cross-training?

From what I've gathered it can be any other type of aerobic physical activity done for 45-60 minutes done on a day when you aren't running.

Most people I follow go biking or lift weights, I saw that one does yoga.

Runners World says its important because it helps with active recovery, prevents injuries(giving some muscles a break while strengthening others), and rejuvenation.

Sounds like all runners should be doing this huh?

So, I need to figure out the best option I can add to my weekly schedule to get some cross-training in!

I could ride my bike, I don't own a bike....

I could go swimming, there is no pool around me and I don't really love swimming....
no, thanks

Yoga sounds like the best option for me, although there are no classes nearby, I own the PiYo dvds and I love all the workouts. They focus on strength training without weights or equipment.
yes! please!

Now, I need to change one of my rest days into active recovery/ cross training and dust off my PiYo dvds and get ready to change it up! But, I don't want to get tired of it so I need help with more ideas! what do you do different? Do you lift weights?

How do you cross train?
Please give me any advice you have on active recovery options?


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