Sunday, November 27, 2016

My first 10k- Riverside Gobblers Gallop

This past Thanksgiving I gt up early and laced up my running shoes and set out to run my first 10k race!

It was a race held at a local high school and they offer both 10k and 5k races as well as an option to do both.

I decided to do the 10k awhile back in order to try my legs at a new distance.

I got up early and ate some oatmeal, it was a cold and drizzly morning so I decided to wear Capri's and a long sleeved tech shirt and a hat.

I registered and picked up my bib and T-shirt (the shirts are nothing to write home about).
OK, not my favorite race shirt....

I ate a banana then tried to stay warm before heading to the starting line.

The race course went along a creek and was mostly on the roads. It had one short stretch in the woods which was a lot of fun! The course was flat and pretty scenic winding along a creek and farms in rural Pennsylvania, and the rain stopped for our race! Perfection! I took the hat off around mile 3 because the sun was finally warming things up a little bit.

There was a guy running at around the same pace as me sometimes he was pushing the pace and sometimes I was, it was nice to have someone to "run with" during the race.

I ended up getting 3rd place in my age group but I didn't know because I went home right away to start cooking for Thanksgiving! BOO! I would've gotten a medal! I'm Hoping to call tomorrow and maybe they will still have it so I can pick it up!

I hit start 5 seconds after the starting line, whoops!
I ended up finishing in 50:37 with my average pace at 8:10

I tried to start conservative and push the finish! look at mile 6!!
My last mile was my fastest at 7:48!! Unbelievable to me that in June I couldn't break an 11 minute mile, but by staying consistent and adding in stretching and strength I ran a mile with a 7 in front!!!

All in all it was a great race and I am so happy with my performance!

Once I got home I showered, cooked a few dishes with Eric then we headed over to my parents house for dinner. Everything was delicious and it was a lot of fun! Sorry, I didn't take a single picture there! I left my phone in my purse and just had fun catching up with all of my loved ones!

I tried 3 different desserts! They were all yummy, and my Aunt made my favorite, lemon meringue pie!

On Saturday Eric and I set up his deer stand with his brother, father, and 2 nephews and a family friend. It was a nice day to walk in the woods. Afterward I ran 3 miles with my best friend Calley and it felt like we were back in high school running cross country together again.

Here is a family photo!
It isn't easy getting both dogs in one picture

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!

Did you do a race on thanksgiving?

Who are your favorite people to run with?

Ever done a 10k?


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