Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/24-10/30

This was a very busy and very chilly week!

Hey, that's Pennsylvania for ya!

Not as many miles as I would've liked but hey, sometimes, life happens!

Rest Day

3 miles
Easy run, first time on my new treadmill!

7 Miles
I did a workout that involved intervals of 10 minutes
10 min @ marathon pace
2 min recovery
8 min half marathon pace
4 min recovery
6 min 10k pace
6 min recovery
4 min 5k pace
8 min recovery
2 min mile pace
10 min recovery cooldown
= total of 60 mins, average 9:00 min/mile pace

4 Mile progression run
I started out really easy and worked my way up to a good pace

Rest day


Saturday & Sunday:
Rest days, these I did not plan to rest, but on Saturday my husband and I got up super early to meet friends and help them move, we were helping for about 8 hours. We got home just in time for me to shower and go to work! So, no time/energy to run(although I do believe that by helping move I got a really good upper body workout, my arms are still a little sore). Sunday was teaching Sunday school, church, home for lunch, then I went to work.

Total Mileage= 14 miles

I'm excited for the week to come because I'll only be at 1 job! Which means I will have more time to run and I have some big goals.

How was your week?
Are you increasing miles?
Do you ever run on a treadmill?


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