Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/31-11/6

This week was very good at some points then not so good at some points.....

Rest day

10 Miles
For real....double digits!
first time in over a decade!!
It felt awesome, the weather was perfect and I felt so so so excited when I finished and knew that I could do this!
I ran around Moraine State park and it was so beautiful with all the leaves changing.
2 recovery miles with Sydney & lots of stretching and foam rolling
My legs were definitely tired after the 10 miler
She hasn't run in awhile so we took it easy 10min/mile pace
Cross Training
PiYo- core & upper body....ouch

5 mile progression run
This may have been the worst run of my life.....not just my recent running, I mean, ever.
I felt like total crap, dizzy, sick, cramped. I actually started crying during the last 1/2 mile. I don't know why it was so terrible, but it was. I know I didn't get enough sleep, I woke up at 2 am from a nightmare, I know I didn't eat enough cause I was feeling sick, then I ran and felt more sick.
But you know what...bad runs happen. They do. I am thankful I am strong enough to even have bad runs. I decided I would just forget about it and move on.

Rest day!!!
Birthday party for 2 of my sweet nieces, pumpkin carving contest, haywagon rides, and a bonfire! I love love love the wonderful, fun, and loving family I was blessed to marry into.

2 Miles Easy Peasy & 4x100m Strides
Eric ran with me! It was so much fun!!!! We talked and laughed the whole time and I'm really hoping he will start running with me more often.
my hubby!! finally putting in a few miles with me!
today was a great day to run!

Total Mileage:
Pretty excited about how close I am to 20....My goal for next week is to put in the miles, listen to my body, foam roll and stretch. And maybe get Sydney and Eric to run with me again!

How was your week?
Do you have any favorite running buddies?


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