Saturday, December 24, 2016

My BRF and Early Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is tomorrow!!
I'm ready though, are you? The only thing left for me is some wrapping and I think I will bake some cookies today.

This week I got to run twice with Hattie who is my BRF (best running friend)

We did 3 miles together on Tuesday night and we did 5 miles yesterday!

 Our 5 miles started fast but we were going all downhill, so when we turned around it was all up! Fun....

We went on a new road we haven't run and ended up going along a pretty little creek. This may be my new favorite, even with all the uphill.

Eric gave me a gift early so that we could watch it together! The Secret Life of Pets was so so so funny! I loved all the characters but my favorite is Snowball the bunny or Gidget the dog. Seriously, go watch it.

I just thought these lights were so pretty when I saw them out running on Tuesday. Very classy!

Do you have a BRF?

An early Christmas gifts?

Do you like white Christmas lights or rainbow ones?


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