Monday, December 5, 2016

No running this week & getting in the Christmas Spirit

I only ran once this past week. ONCE. Yikes! I had a really intense head cold filled with congestion, coughing, sinus headaches, and fatigue.

I tried to stay semi-active by doing a run/walk on my treadmill but I couldn't breathe and had to call it quits. I looked into running/working out while sick and found that many people do NOT recommend it because it exhausts your body, which is already weak and trying its best to fight off whatever you are suffering from. So, I drank a lot of water and tried to get as much sleep as possible and now I'm feeling pretty good, just a slight stuffy nose! So, hopefully I will get to run today!! YAY

On another note, this weekend Eric and I spent some fun quality time with his family!

It was my nephew's 4th birthday and he didn't want cake, he wanted sugar cookies so my mother-in-law made the cutest cookie decorating station!

So Fun!
They even made a few cookies for their Uncle Eekie(Eric) who was napping at the time!
Once we all got sugared up we all headed out to a Christmas tree farm to pick out our trees!

It was so much fun with all the kids to pile on a wagon and run around in all the trees till we found the perfect one!

We decided on a Canaan Fir
We got it all wrapped up, paid for, and loaded into the truck then headed home to decorate!
The best part!!

It's not the biggest tree but it is a pretty one!
We have a variety of sentimental and store bought ornaments
Isn't it pretty!?!?!?!

I love this time of year, I love all the holiday festivities!

What Kind of tree did you get? Real or artificial?
-ours is a canaan fir
What's your favorite Christmas movie?
-mine is White Christmas
Favorite Christmas song?
-Last Christmas by Wham!


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