Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter Running and a Project!

So it has been cold here in Pennsylvania which means running has required a lot of layers and being careful with ice!!

This is my favorite time of year so I don't really mind layering up and slowing my pace. There is just something about Christmas coming and fresh snow that makes me happy!


I picked up some cold running gear at old navy and I have gone on a few snowy runs with my friend Hattie. We both wore multiple layers and headlamps, we've sported reflective gear and we have adjusted our pace due to the challenge of trudging through snow!

my winter running outfit, not pictured-hat, gloves, headlamp
If you are going out there this time of year please, please, please be careful! Watch out for ice! Dress warm enough and don't forget to stay hydrated! Believe me you are still sweating and losing electrolytes!

This weekend I decided to tackle a project that I started last year but was too nervous to move forward on. Painting my kitchen. It seemed so daunting due to all the edging and trim work. I also had to paint over wallpaper, something I've never done.
This house was my husbands grandparent and then parents house so there was a bit of nostalgia 
This wallpaper was nice to have to remember Eric's grandparents but it was a little bit busy and outdated for me. I wanted to have one room in the house that I had complete creative control on. (I did save a small square of this wallpaper to put a frame around so we could still remember it)
Finished! light grey with cream trim!
I love the new color! It seems so clean to me! It took 2 full days and a whole roll of painter's tape but, I LOVE it!

Also, I got an email with the photo Eric and I took for our church's pictorial directory. I think it turned out pretty great ;)
It's our first picture together for our church directory!! I think we look pretty cute together.

How do you prepare to run in the snow?

Ever painted your kitchen? What color?

Do you have a favorite photo with your spouse?


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