Monday, August 21, 2017

Movie Monday: McFarland USA

I've decided to do a series of posts on Monday about the different movies I have seen recently, some will be running related and some won't.

My husband and I have netflix, so a lot of the movies will be from there. We also have an actual real life movie rental store in town so we go there a lot to find new movies, but I'll let you know where I found it.

First Movie Monday: McFarland USA

This movie was made by Disney in 2015

I rented this movie on AMAZON

If you like a feel good running movie, this would be a great choice!

Kevin Costner stars in this movie as an ex football coach turned cross country coach in a school that hadn't had a team before.

It's set in a rural town in which many students are expected to work in the fields before school and after. They are never expected to finish school, or move on and make a name for themselves outside of field work.

Costner's character notices some of the students running to school and realizes they are running very fast without seeming to get tired. I don't want to spoil the movie, but after finally convincing some students(and their parents) they could have a successful XC team, they really make things happen.

McFarland USA focuses on issues with race and expectations as well as how we view family.

I highly recommend this movie for any age viewer, it's got clean language, and it's on topics that can be understood by all viewers.

Stay tuned for more movie reviews!!!

Have you seen McFarland USA?

What running movie is your favorite?


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Family Vacation: Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Every year Eric and I go on a week long vacation with my in-laws. Typically we visit cook forest, but this year we went somewhere different-PA Grand Canyon! It's located in North central/east PA so about a 4-4.5 hour drive from home for us.


We decided on it and we all got excited for the State Parks just a short drive from the house we rented.

  • Leonard Harrison State Park
  • Colton Point State Park 
  •  Lyman Run State Park
Did you know the state of Pennsylvania has 121 State Parks!!!!!!!!! CRAZY

Every day Eric and I went on a hike (just the 2 of us while the other 18 chose different trails)

Leonard Harrison State Park trails we hiked:

  • Turkey Path-2 mile hike,  most difficult, very very steep, waterfalls 
  • Overlook trail-0.6 mile hike, difficult, beautiful overlook of canyon in this hike

Colton Point State Park trails we hiked:
  • Turkey Path-3 mile hike, most difficult, very steep, waterfall, connects with other turkey path
  • West Rim Trail- We only did a 2 mile hike, easy hiking, steep drop off, view of canyon
  • Barbour Rock Trail- 1ish mile(technically in Tioga State Forest) easy hike, overlook of canyon

Lyman Run State Park
  • Rock Run Trail-2 mile hike, difficult, straight uphill
  • Spurline Trail-1 mile hike, easy hike, old railroad trail, easy descent back to parking area
Not my most flattering-but we didn't take any others at this park......

We also went tubing 3x's in the Pine Creek
I went running 4x's with some of my nieces and nephews 
Eric and I did an 8 mile bike ride on the pine Creek Rail Trail

A view on the Pine Creek Rail Trail

On Friday and Saturday of our trip there was a meteor shower so we all stayed by the fire very late and saw a whole bunch of shooting stars!

This vacation was so much fun & I feel like we really got to do a lot of sightseeing and adventuring in the area. One week is really not enough to see it all.

On the way home we even stopped by Kinzua Bridge State Park so we could stretch our legs and see one more of PA's beautiful parks before heading home.

Hopefully we can go back again some time! 


Friday, August 18, 2017

Rube's Run 5k Recap

Rube's Run is a 5k held in my town every 4th Saturday in July. It is put on by the Prospect Preservation Society (which my mother-in-law is a member of) and it benefits our small town, and it's just a fun local event that gets the whole town together!

This recap I am going to do a list of points about the race instead of my normal paragraphs (since it's just a short & small race)

Rube's Run:

  • I've done this run 3x's in the past 4 years 
  • I ran this once in H.S. 2004
  • Hilly course, 2 smaller hills in the 1st mile, 1 big hill mile 2, the largest hill in mile 3
  • My whole family joins in- Mother-in-law, husband's aunt & husband's cousin all helped with registration- 3 nieces, 1 nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, husband & myself ran it

  • Eric trained for it(first time ever really preparing) and ran his second best time ever! So proud of him❤
  • It didn't really go how I wanted, though
  • After the second mile, I mentally gave up
  • I still ran a strong race & ended up getting my first overall award, 3rd female!

Overall, this race was hard, hilly, and so much fun! I love getting to spend time with my family and friends(my BRF also ran and did GREAT). If you have the opportunity to do a small, local 5k that benefits your community....DO IT.

Have you run a local 5k?

Does your whole family run?


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Better late then never: Summer Solstice 5k

In June I ran the inaugural Summer Solstice 5k put on by the local high schools cross country boosters. It took place at the local state park (Moraine State park here in western Pennsylvania).


This race took place on Wednesday June 21st at 7pm. It was a hot evening but I was excited for a race that took place in the cooler part of day.(Although not much cooler)
getting excited!

The turnout was awesome, especially since it was the first time this race was held. Over 100 runners! A bunch of my family members did this race, and so did my BRF! It was a fun way for us to all get together and cheer each other on. Most of my nieces even ended up placing in their age groups, and the nieces and nephews that didn't run did a great job of cheering us into the finish. Although, I asked my 2 year old niece how I did at the end and she said I should run faster soooooo, I think she has coaching in her future.

I think this is my favorite race tshirt ever! Oh, and my BRF designed it!

The course took us around the south shore loop in the park and it was a beautiful night to take in the sights. By the end of it the heat got to me and I was just ready to be done.

South Shore view of Lake Arthur

My finishing time was 25:07 & 1st in my age group(18-29)
I was hoping for sub 25 but by the end the heat got to me and I was on the verge of throwing up! I ended up walking through the finish line and dry heaving behind a van. Luckily, I didn't have anything in my stomach to let go of (I was really off with fueling before an evening race) but it was still not a fun ending to the race.

New bling from the race!

So, I still have my eyes set on a sub 25 minute 5k. I'm hoping this summer I can reach it!

What is your 5k PR?

Are you planning on racing short & fast this summer, or are you training for a fall marathon?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day trip: Cook Forest State Park

Posting 2 days in a row?! Who am I?!

Any who, Eric and I both had the day off yesterday so we decided to go to our favorite place on earth! Cook Forest State Park!

We left home around 9am and got to the park around 10:30. A lot of people that go to the park like to canoe/kayak down the Clarion river, but Eric and I prefer to go on tubes and just float down slowly!

We found a good spot to get in and I dropped him off with our tubes and water and then I drove about 1 1/2 miles down stream and parked our truck. Once I got the truck parked I ran the 1 1/2 miles back to Eric and the tubes so that we could start our ride!

I actually ran it pretty fast, I was super motivated to reach him and enjoy my favorite outdoor activity!

Once we were in the water all our worries drifted away and we just enjoyed all the beauty of God's creation.

It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to reach our stop. We got out of the water and as Eric went to climb up a couple rocks to get to the road and we heard a growl! A GROWL! So I was following him but I backed up and looked at the rocks and a raccoon was in between rocks hissing and growling!! YIKES. Needless to say I did not go up the same path as my husband!

Once we were out and away from the nutty raccoon we got dried off and changed and went to our favorite little bar/restaurant for a late lunch.

They have a pet Emu!

Once we got home I did a few chores then went to a friends house for a fire, it was the perfect weather to be out around the fire and we stayed up way too late talking.

All in all it was a fun day to get out and have have an adventure!

Monday, June 12, 2017

What is a good way to kick off summer? A WEDDING

How are you all handling the start of summer?

Personally I love summer all except one thing.....the HEAT! I just don't do well when the temps starts rising. I wish I could soak in some sunshine and enjoy it but my body just can't handle it. In fact, on our honeymoon, I got so overheated I had to get a shot of and anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine due to my body's heat rash outbreak. Not cool.

This summer though, we are off to a really fun start! My best friend since 1997(woah) got MARRIED!!! And I was a bridesmaid! Calley and I ran XC together throughout school and when I got off the running train after graduation, she pushed harder and has done marathons, qualified for Boston, and completed an Ironman! She has big goals and she goes hard after them.

I got to meet a bunch of really cool girls through this wedding too! A girl named Lindsey who kicks butt at triathlons, Michelle who has done multiple Ironmans and is going to do an ultra-Ironman, and a whole bunch of other really awesome ladies!

I had my hair and makeup professionally done! (I didn't even get that treatment for my own wedding!)
They had a photo booth at this wedding(check the picture above) with props and a bike and a Polaroid camera! I loved it! Eric and I took a couple of really fun pics together :)

We stayed on that dance floor till very late into the evening! Eric and I always have a good time on the dance floor and I think that's one of the reasons we get each other.

All of us dancing fools! 
All in all it was a really really great weekend and a beautiful wedding between two people who could not be any better fit for each other!

Congratulations Calley & Daniel! I wish you many many happy years to come 💓

How do you handle the heat during the summer?
I have to limit my time outside

Have you ever been a bridesmaid/groomsman?
Once a flower girl, once a bride, twice a bridesmaid

What is your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?
lets get it started-black eyed peas-it's easy to get down to!

Hope your summer is starting out with lots of fun & adventure!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why do they call it the windy city?

Hello all!

I went to Chicago this past weekend for my BFF(of 20 years) bachelorette party!

She lived in Chicago for a few years and loves it, she also still has friends there, so she decided that for her last unmarried hurrah that's the city she wants to visit!

I had never been to Chicago so I was really excited! I was also nervous because it was the longest I'd been away from Eric since we've been married! I'm sappy....don't judge.

So we arrived on Friday afternoon grabbed some lunch then headed over to our hotel to make sure we were there as everyone started arriving from all over the country!

Everyone got in, we had a drink and ordered in some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza, and it was wonderful.

Saturday we got up early and the bachelorette, her friend(who is a triathlete), and I went for a 4 mile run along the river.

Running is the best way to see a city!

That was one beautiful run.
Those views. Wow.
I had to stop at the American Girl store! I had Samantha, and I LOVED her.

Later in the day we went out for lunch, and then had an architecture boat tour!

It was wonderful! Our tour guide was amazing
 They don't call it the windy city because of wind-it's because of the windbag politicians that got the world's fair located to Chicago instead of NYC!!!!
After the tour we did a nice walking tour of the city and we got to see a lot of popular spots!

These legs were huge!

Spitting faces, It was hot and kids were loving running around in the fountain

The bean(cloud gate)


This was cool! Lots of Prom go-ers were taking pictures here ❤
We went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and then grabbed drinks at a bar, we then went to a club and danced till nearly 3am!!

Then Sunday happened....

Everyone packed up✔
Get on train to go to the airport✔
Get pick pocketed and have credit card company contact you to see if you authorized a purchase✔

That's right. Someone stole my wallet on the way to the airport.
I had a flight in less than 2 hours and I had no money OR photo ID.

It's all good. I shut down both my debit and credit cards. I spoke with security as soon as I got in the airport, and I did make it on my flight (I had a checkbook with name and address, and I had a letter with my name and address, TSA also was thorough).

All in all I'd say it was a fabulous weekend with old and new friends and what happened at the end well, oh well, things happen. I will not let one bad person ruin my opinion of a whole fun weekend!

Have you ever been to Chicago?
Ever been pick pocketed?