Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My running box!

So, I have accumulated quite the collection of odds and ends that make my running a little more enjoyable. With the cold weather and long runs I have picked up a few things to make it more safe, enjoyable, and cute when I head out the door.

I like to have everything in my front room in a box so that when I'm getting ready to go I don't have to run around the house frantically collecting my odds and ends!!

It has made my life (or at least my running) less stressful and a lot more efficient!!

So what is in this box???

Running belt

Reflective arm/ankle bands

Headlamp (I run a lot in the evening)

A few bucks... just in case


Gu, honey stinger, nuun

Pepper spray



And lastly, I finally got a balaclava!

I know I don't really NEED all these things and I don't take all of it every single run. But hey, these things add some comfort and safety to my miles!

wearing it all at once!

What do you have to have when you run??

Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's been a good week!

I just wanted to check in and say that it has been a fun week. Full of good runs and quality time with my husband and doggies!!

First off this is how I've been feeling lately

Yeah, I know that's not really how I should look at it, but Dang adding more miles has added an increased appetite!

Second, I went to bed with my hair in a bun and I woke up looking like Pebbles from the Flinstones......

Right, I mean.....the resemblance is uncanny.

Third, our Christmas tree was finally taken down....this Friday...but first I had to get a picture of it's beauty

Jett is good at photo-bombing

Fourth, I ran in a new place this week. I went to visit my grandma (she lives about 25 min drive away). It was a pretty country road with lots of trees, barns, and farms.

As much as I liked this run, it smelled strongly of cow poop....so, I will not be running it in higher temps. If it was bad at 38 degrees I can't imagine it at 80!

And, lastly my BRF Hattie and I got in a long run tonight of 8 miles!
We wore reflective gear, headlamps, and her mom drove and checked in on us every couple miles(it was really dark and later and longer than we normally run, safety first!!!)

I love knowing that for 2 weeks in a row now I have gotten in more than 20 miles!!

Tomorrow Eric and I are going to the Penguins Game as Eric's birthday celebration!!
His birthday was on Friday, he turned 34!!!!!!

Anyways.....That's it for me!

How is your week going?

Any big plans?

How's your running going?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get a training plan!

I mean it. Get a training plan.

I have just been running what I feel like running and making it up as I go for the past 6 months and I've gotten faster, yes. I've built endurance, yes. But I've had very few goals and progress is slow. But, I found a plan I really like and can stick to and my confidence  never been higher or my results more impressive.

I used my garmin connect account to find a good training plan for a half marathon this spring ( yes, I'm planning on signing up for one over st. Patrick's day weekend) and I've never been more dedicated. By sticking to a written out training plan I've noticed my endurance improving and because of that I'm more excited than ever to lace up and hit the ground running!!
Example workout!

You don't have to use garmin connect like I did. There are so many places to find a training plan. There's runners world, McMillan plans, or women's running(for you ladies).
The plan is to have a race in mind. I just had an idea of when I wanted to do a race.
Have a race distance in mind. I want to go for it and challenge myself to try longer races so half marathon is my choice.

I have my sights set on this race

And then figure out whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I am intermediate, I was already running 10-15 miles a week but wanted to increase. Beginners would be 0-10 miles a week(at least I think so) and advanced I would classify as anyone who trains for longer distances regularly or maybe has 30+ miles in each week.

The plan I chose has 2 easy runs, one speed workout, one hill workout, and one long run each week. Now, I've added in strength training on one of my rest days each week in order to work on my core/ upper body. I have also been stretching after every run, and foam rolling at least 3x's a week.

This schedule works for me and is easy enough for me to fit into my schedule and challenging enough that I know that I'm improving from each workout!

Do you follow a training plan?

What do you like the most about it?

So you have a coach?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Highest mileage week 1/9-1/15

I haven't done a weekly recap in a loooong time because I haven't really been in training mode. BUT, I am now following a training plan and really logging in the miles & including strength and speed!

Monday 1/9: REST day

Tuesday 1/10: 4.28 miles, Easy run-43 minutes
Excited to see some consistency in the splits!
Wednesday 1/11: 4.3 miles, Interval workout, 41 Minutes
I stuck to the treadmill for this one, next one I'll try to increase my speed a little!
Thursday 1/12: 4.63miles, Easy run, 41:10 minutes
It was pouring down rain by the end of my run!!
Friday 1/13: Strength Training! PiYo upper body & PiYo core! My abs still hurt, which means I probably need to focus on them more.....

Saturday 1/14: 4.1 miles, Hill Repeats, 
SO SO Hard!! 
This workout definitely kicked my butt. I got home and immediately spent time on my foam roller! 
Sydney is never far away...
Sunday 1/15: 7.56 miles, Long run! 1h16m
Photo taken at the top of a huge hill, which was painful after Saturday's workout
Can you tell that mile 3, 6 & 7 had hills???
Total Mileage= 24.87 Miles!!!!!!!! Highest Mileage to date!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When to run in the snow, & when not to...

It's been very cold and very snowy here in Pennsylvania over the past 2 weeks! There's been single digit temps, snow, rain, ice and slush.

 My BRF and I have braved it for almost every run, but today I chose to run on the treadmill. Why? Well I think there is a time and place for pushing through the elements and a time to give in and stay inside!

Reasons to push through and run outside vs. running inside

Outside: If it's cold, but not too cold ex: I ran outside in 2 degrees. I put on layers and warmed up pretty quickly

between the 2 of us I think we wore 18 layers....
Inside: I won't run if it's 0 or less (Other people are tougher than me and still run, but I decided 0 is my no go limit)

Outside: If it's snowing! I love snow, it's so beautiful and it makes the scenery better!
It was definitely snowing...

Inside: If it's snowing and raining mixture with a lot of it accumulating on my route, I slip easily and don't like to risk it!

Outside: Raining, running in rain make me feel bad*ss, it just does. So when it rains I run

Inside: Freezing rain, ice on sidewalks and roads, again I slip easily.

Outside: Long run, easy run, & steady runs. Pace isn't too hard, More opportunities to stop or slow down if need be.
Angus, thongs, & perfect snogging is on Netflix, watch it!

Inside: Speedwork, intervals, & repeats. It's so much easier for me to stick to a harder pace if I'm not distracted or putting too much energy into being aware of my surroundings.

I actually did a really "fun" interval workout today and it turns out I still have a little speed in these legs!

Try it out!
I hope this list helps shed a little light on why I chose to run outside vs. inside and I hope you don't think I'm a wuss because of my preferences. You decide what's best for you & I'll do me! 

Tell me what you think of the interval workout!

When do you decide to run inside?

What's your favorite snack right now?
Mine is papaya!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review: Garmin Forerunner 25

I haven't been in the habit of reviewing the products that I've been trying but this watch is something special!

So, when I got back into running I wasn't actually planning on running. I thought I would start walking and I just needed an activity tracker, so I got the Garmin vivofit 2. I loved it!
This served me well for a long time! This started my love for Garminđź’“

But, as you know, I didn't stay walking very long. I started running and unfortunately the vivofit 2 isn't really made for that. Its a step tracker, so for running it isn't very accurate. I started researching GPS watches that are functional and affordable and quickly fell in love with the Forerunner 25.

It comes in 2 different sizes and in a few different color choices!

Image result for garmin forerunner 25
My husband got me the small watch in black and purple!

So far the features I like the most are the GPS capabilities. It finds satellites super quickly and I can set up the screens to display whatever information I want. It has options for your run to choose between basic, walk/run, time, or pace. It lets out a beep at each mile, auto lap, or you can adjust the lap manually. I also love the notifications. It lets you know when you receive a call or text or facebook notification and the screen is really easy to read!

The watch matches 90% of my running wardrobe
Another feature I like is the amount of data you can access through Garmin Connect. Once you sync your watch to your phone or computer you can see the route you took, pace, elevation, and cadence. You can select certain gear as well, so when I got my new Brooks ghost 9's I added them to my gear and set them as default to my running activities. Why do I like this? I can track very accurately the number of miles I am putting on my shoes! That way I know around when to retire them and start rotating in a new pair!

I love having all this information at my fingertips!

I also tried it out on the indoor setting on my treadmill to see how accurate it was, and WOW, it was surprisingly close!

So, basically, I have nothing bad to say about this watch! I haven't been using it very long but, I think I found my favorite piece of running gear!

Do you own a GPS watch?

Which color would you get?

Do you geek out over all the data you are able to see?

This review is all my own opinions and just about my love of this brand and watch!