Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get a training plan!

I mean it. Get a training plan.

I have just been running what I feel like running and making it up as I go for the past 6 months and I've gotten faster, yes. I've built endurance, yes. But I've had very few goals and progress is slow. But, I found a plan I really like and can stick to and my confidence  never been higher or my results more impressive.

I used my garmin connect account to find a good training plan for a half marathon this spring ( yes, I'm planning on signing up for one over st. Patrick's day weekend) and I've never been more dedicated. By sticking to a written out training plan I've noticed my endurance improving and because of that I'm more excited than ever to lace up and hit the ground running!!
Example workout!

You don't have to use garmin connect like I did. There are so many places to find a training plan. There's runners world, McMillan plans, or women's running(for you ladies).
The plan is to have a race in mind. I just had an idea of when I wanted to do a race.
Have a race distance in mind. I want to go for it and challenge myself to try longer races so half marathon is my choice.

I have my sights set on this race

And then figure out whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I am intermediate, I was already running 10-15 miles a week but wanted to increase. Beginners would be 0-10 miles a week(at least I think so) and advanced I would classify as anyone who trains for longer distances regularly or maybe has 30+ miles in each week.

The plan I chose has 2 easy runs, one speed workout, one hill workout, and one long run each week. Now, I've added in strength training on one of my rest days each week in order to work on my core/ upper body. I have also been stretching after every run, and foam rolling at least 3x's a week.

This schedule works for me and is easy enough for me to fit into my schedule and challenging enough that I know that I'm improving from each workout!

Do you follow a training plan?

What do you like the most about it?

So you have a coach?

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