Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My running box!

So, I have accumulated quite the collection of odds and ends that make my running a little more enjoyable. With the cold weather and long runs I have picked up a few things to make it more safe, enjoyable, and cute when I head out the door.

I like to have everything in my front room in a box so that when I'm getting ready to go I don't have to run around the house frantically collecting my odds and ends!!

It has made my life (or at least my running) less stressful and a lot more efficient!!

So what is in this box???

Running belt

Reflective arm/ankle bands

Headlamp (I run a lot in the evening)

A few bucks... just in case


Gu, honey stinger, nuun

Pepper spray



And lastly, I finally got a balaclava!

I know I don't really NEED all these things and I don't take all of it every single run. But hey, these things add some comfort and safety to my miles!

wearing it all at once!

What do you have to have when you run??

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