Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review: Garmin Forerunner 25

I haven't been in the habit of reviewing the products that I've been trying but this watch is something special!

So, when I got back into running I wasn't actually planning on running. I thought I would start walking and I just needed an activity tracker, so I got the Garmin vivofit 2. I loved it!
This served me well for a long time! This started my love for Garminđź’“

But, as you know, I didn't stay walking very long. I started running and unfortunately the vivofit 2 isn't really made for that. Its a step tracker, so for running it isn't very accurate. I started researching GPS watches that are functional and affordable and quickly fell in love with the Forerunner 25.

It comes in 2 different sizes and in a few different color choices!

Image result for garmin forerunner 25
My husband got me the small watch in black and purple!

So far the features I like the most are the GPS capabilities. It finds satellites super quickly and I can set up the screens to display whatever information I want. It has options for your run to choose between basic, walk/run, time, or pace. It lets out a beep at each mile, auto lap, or you can adjust the lap manually. I also love the notifications. It lets you know when you receive a call or text or facebook notification and the screen is really easy to read!

The watch matches 90% of my running wardrobe
Another feature I like is the amount of data you can access through Garmin Connect. Once you sync your watch to your phone or computer you can see the route you took, pace, elevation, and cadence. You can select certain gear as well, so when I got my new Brooks ghost 9's I added them to my gear and set them as default to my running activities. Why do I like this? I can track very accurately the number of miles I am putting on my shoes! That way I know around when to retire them and start rotating in a new pair!

I love having all this information at my fingertips!

I also tried it out on the indoor setting on my treadmill to see how accurate it was, and WOW, it was surprisingly close!

So, basically, I have nothing bad to say about this watch! I haven't been using it very long but, I think I found my favorite piece of running gear!

Do you own a GPS watch?

Which color would you get?

Do you geek out over all the data you are able to see?

This review is all my own opinions and just about my love of this brand and watch!

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