Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Brooks Ghost 9

All through Middle school and High school I wore Adidas running shoes. I loved them. So, when I started running again I of course went back to my brand. Except, it had been 9 years and a lot of changes to my own preferences and to the adidas running shoe line.

They just didn't work for me.

So, with some Christmas money I went to a running store to get fitted for new running shoes. I had someone there who looked at how I wore down my old shoes, check my gait, and checked my arch. I have a high arch and I tend to underpronate a little bit.

They pulled out 4-5 shoes for me to try and I walked out with Brooks Ghost 9's!


I have put more than 150 miles on them so far and I figured it was about time I share my thoughts.
Image result for brooks ghost 9

Great support
Great cushioning 
I am no longer feeling back pain/ leg pain while running
After so many miles I still feel a great response with each step
Reflective details for night running
My arch still feels very supported

I feel like they aren't tight enough on my whole foot, I tie my laces really tight trying to get them to stay close to my foot, then end up having some pain on the top of my foot
I think this maybe from them being too big, I got a size 7 figuring I needed a little more room(avoid black toenails) but my forefoot just feels like it has too much room to move around.

All in all I would get these shoes again! Just maybe a 1/2 size smaller so that they hug my feet better with less moving around inside the shoe.

What's your favorite running shoe?
Do you use the Ghost 9's?
Have you tried other Brooks shoes?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Running Lately

I've been running a lot lately to be honest.

A lot for me at least, in fact, I ran almost 29 miles the week before last. That's quite a bit for me.

As you may know I'm running my first half marathon next month and I'm really trying to stick to my training plan and put in quality workout so that I'm confident and ready when I toe up to that start line.

That being said last week I only ran like 15. Why? I needed a cutback week. I felt my legs getting very tired and tight and I also had some pain in my left hip at the beginning of a run. I rested it over the weekend and really spent time stretching and foam rolling. I'm happy to say it definitely helped and now I feel stronger and more ready than ever to tackle the last weeks before my first half marathon!

Here's a few photos from some recent runs!

I ran 10 miles for my long run this week! Very little stopping/walking! I like that Sydney is in the picture.

It was snowing/raining one night and I had mascara that wasn't waterproof......nuff said.

It's been in the 50's-60's all week so that means shorts weather!! Today is supposed to be in the 70's....crazy for February in Pennsylvania.

When I run on the treadmill I get really really sweaty. My dogs have also started trying to see what happens if they put dog toys on the treadmill, so they have to be in their crates when I run now.

Anyways. I hope you are having great weeks and happy FriYAY!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Let's catch up!

Wow, sorry it's been so long! I guess I've been busy lately with work, babysitting, and the day to day stuff!

I promise I'll try to be better about posting!

So, with that said, what's been going on since I last posted? Well, the weather here in Pennsylvania has no idea what season it is. One day snow 20 something degrees, the next day 55 and sunny.


My husband and I bought our nephew a teeny tiny snow shovel for his 2nd birthday. We have a habit of getting kinda weird/out of the norm gifts for our nieces and nephews so everyone was a little thrown off by the shovel. Especially since it hadn't snowed in awhile around here. BUT, it finally snowed and there's nothing cuter than a toddler trying to push snow around!

Sydney has always LOVED the snow so of course she wanted to go outside and play as much as possible

With all the snow and the sudden drop in temperature I stuck to the treadmill a bit more than normal but that's ok, I actually like the treadmill!

OH! Valentine's day! My wonderful hubby got us a really awesome cheese and cracker sampler for an early V-day gift!

A little bit of everything 
 I also got a few runs in with my BRF outside! It was of course on the cold days, not the warmer ones. But hey, it happens!

So that's just about everything that's new with me.
What's new with you?
How was your Valentine's Day?
Have a great week!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Race recap: Winterfest 5k

This past Saturday my BRF and I decided to do a last minute 5k. It was local and affordable and we figured we would see how we were doing with our training for our half marathon next month.

We showed up on race day and paid our registration fee (only $35)! Oh, and we got super cute long sleeved tech shirts with registration!

So, race morning it was a sunny day and a whole 15 degrees! Yikes! The real feel was 5 degrees so it was frigid! It was at Moraine State Park and around Lake Arthur so beautiful and freezing.

They set up 2 campfires for runners to huddle around before the start and after the race which was nice and definitely helped. Honestly the cold was almost too much, my feet went numb and even though I warmed up they stayed numb till mile 2!!

Ready for a cold race
Everyone freezing while waiting for the start
So the course was .4 miles on pavement then trail, then finish on pavement.
I have never been a trail runner and the course had roots, ice, snow, and ruts!! I think I spent most of my energy focused on where my foot was landing and not sliding on ice or tripping on roots.

There was a big hill halfway through that was pretty killer too. Very difficult.
Hattie sprinting to the finish

Me struggling to the finish, that guy beside me was my cheerleader! He pushed me to finish strong

Giving my mom the thumbs up means "Mom I promise I won't throw up"

So Hattie got 1st in her age group for females BUT they didn't separate male and female for under 18 finishers!?!?!?! What the HECK!? She's still a winner in my book

I ended up finishing in 26:52, which for the course I am so happy with! I got 2nd place for my age group (20-29) and they even had medals for top 3 in age group.

Again, I almost froze to death.
All in all it was a fun day and I would do it again. It showed me how tough trail running is! Oh my, you trail runners are rockstars! I think this spring/summer I will give trails a go since there are so many great trails to choose from around here!

How was your weekend?

Any races??

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A mini blog makeover

So if you haven't noticed I gave the blog a little mini makeover with a new header that I think is a little more cute! It's also my two favorite colors light pink and light grey.

I also finally got my own domain so no more sarahrunsagain.blogspot. It's now just www.sarahrunsagain.com

I'm super excited about it.

The reason for the change is that I've noticed a pretty big (for me) jump in readers which, THANK YOU!

I started this little blog to keep myself accountable and I'm so flattered that you guys are reading along with my journey!

If you have any questions about me and/or my training feel free to ask away and I'll try to respond to any and all of them!

Again, thank you!