Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Brooks Ghost 9

All through Middle school and High school I wore Adidas running shoes. I loved them. So, when I started running again I of course went back to my brand. Except, it had been 9 years and a lot of changes to my own preferences and to the adidas running shoe line.

They just didn't work for me.

So, with some Christmas money I went to a running store to get fitted for new running shoes. I had someone there who looked at how I wore down my old shoes, check my gait, and checked my arch. I have a high arch and I tend to underpronate a little bit.

They pulled out 4-5 shoes for me to try and I walked out with Brooks Ghost 9's!


I have put more than 150 miles on them so far and I figured it was about time I share my thoughts.
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Great support
Great cushioning 
I am no longer feeling back pain/ leg pain while running
After so many miles I still feel a great response with each step
Reflective details for night running
My arch still feels very supported

I feel like they aren't tight enough on my whole foot, I tie my laces really tight trying to get them to stay close to my foot, then end up having some pain on the top of my foot
I think this maybe from them being too big, I got a size 7 figuring I needed a little more room(avoid black toenails) but my forefoot just feels like it has too much room to move around.

All in all I would get these shoes again! Just maybe a 1/2 size smaller so that they hug my feet better with less moving around inside the shoe.

What's your favorite running shoe?
Do you use the Ghost 9's?
Have you tried other Brooks shoes?

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