Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why do they call it the windy city?

Hello all!

I went to Chicago this past weekend for my BFF(of 20 years) bachelorette party!

She lived in Chicago for a few years and loves it, she also still has friends there, so she decided that for her last unmarried hurrah that's the city she wants to visit!

I had never been to Chicago so I was really excited! I was also nervous because it was the longest I'd been away from Eric since we've been married! I'm sappy....don't judge.

So we arrived on Friday afternoon grabbed some lunch then headed over to our hotel to make sure we were there as everyone started arriving from all over the country!

Everyone got in, we had a drink and ordered in some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza, and it was wonderful.

Saturday we got up early and the bachelorette, her friend(who is a triathlete), and I went for a 4 mile run along the river.

Running is the best way to see a city!

That was one beautiful run.
Those views. Wow.
I had to stop at the American Girl store! I had Samantha, and I LOVED her.

Later in the day we went out for lunch, and then had an architecture boat tour!

It was wonderful! Our tour guide was amazing
 They don't call it the windy city because of wind-it's because of the windbag politicians that got the world's fair located to Chicago instead of NYC!!!!
After the tour we did a nice walking tour of the city and we got to see a lot of popular spots!

These legs were huge!

Spitting faces, It was hot and kids were loving running around in the fountain

The bean(cloud gate)


This was cool! Lots of Prom go-ers were taking pictures here ❤
We went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and then grabbed drinks at a bar, we then went to a club and danced till nearly 3am!!

Then Sunday happened....

Everyone packed up✔
Get on train to go to the airport✔
Get pick pocketed and have credit card company contact you to see if you authorized a purchase✔

That's right. Someone stole my wallet on the way to the airport.
I had a flight in less than 2 hours and I had no money OR photo ID.

It's all good. I shut down both my debit and credit cards. I spoke with security as soon as I got in the airport, and I did make it on my flight (I had a checkbook with name and address, and I had a letter with my name and address, TSA also was thorough).

All in all I'd say it was a fabulous weekend with old and new friends and what happened at the end well, oh well, things happen. I will not let one bad person ruin my opinion of a whole fun weekend!

Have you ever been to Chicago?
Ever been pick pocketed?

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