Thursday, July 20, 2017

Better late then never: Summer Solstice 5k

In June I ran the inaugural Summer Solstice 5k put on by the local high schools cross country boosters. It took place at the local state park (Moraine State park here in western Pennsylvania).


This race took place on Wednesday June 21st at 7pm. It was a hot evening but I was excited for a race that took place in the cooler part of day.(Although not much cooler)
getting excited!

The turnout was awesome, especially since it was the first time this race was held. Over 100 runners! A bunch of my family members did this race, and so did my BRF! It was a fun way for us to all get together and cheer each other on. Most of my nieces even ended up placing in their age groups, and the nieces and nephews that didn't run did a great job of cheering us into the finish. Although, I asked my 2 year old niece how I did at the end and she said I should run faster soooooo, I think she has coaching in her future.

I think this is my favorite race tshirt ever! Oh, and my BRF designed it!

The course took us around the south shore loop in the park and it was a beautiful night to take in the sights. By the end of it the heat got to me and I was just ready to be done.

South Shore view of Lake Arthur

My finishing time was 25:07 & 1st in my age group(18-29)
I was hoping for sub 25 but by the end the heat got to me and I was on the verge of throwing up! I ended up walking through the finish line and dry heaving behind a van. Luckily, I didn't have anything in my stomach to let go of (I was really off with fueling before an evening race) but it was still not a fun ending to the race.

New bling from the race!

So, I still have my eyes set on a sub 25 minute 5k. I'm hoping this summer I can reach it!

What is your 5k PR?

Are you planning on racing short & fast this summer, or are you training for a fall marathon?

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